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Printing: Rockstock - Make Everyday Earth Day
April 3rd, 2011 8:30 AM

Many organizations are going "paperless" in an effort to be more green. But paperless doesn't have to mean giving up on the printed page.

Rockstock from Williams Graphic Solutions is a "paperless paper" produced from crushed limestone. It is tear resistant, waterproof and unlike any substrate you have seen or felt. Produced without any tree pulp, and without the use of water, Rockstock is a perfect alternative for organizations who are committed to sustainability.

Rockstock is available for digital and offset print projects, comes in both cover and text weights and will give your business cards, brochures and more a unique look and feel while preserving precious natural resources.

Learn more and request a sample of Rockstock.

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Printing: Print Grows Trees
November 24th, 2010 10:26 PM

With the renewed emphasis on environmental stewardship many have assumed, incorrectly, that printing has a negative impact on the sustainability of forests.  A new educational campaign, however, is spreading the word that "Print Grows Trees" by illustrating how a vibrant print industry is the critical link to making sure private woodland owners continue to use their land for the development of forests, instead of selling the land to industries that may negatively impact our fragile ecosystem.

"In a world bombarded by electronic images and media, many forget the value of print to our society. It contributes in economic, social and environmental ways that have not been clearly represented to the public. ’Print Grows Trees’ concentrates on the environmental, because the misconception that if we stop using print we’ll save trees, has had a critical impact on not only the print industry, but also on the private landowners who are the keepers of America’s trees. We just want people to make their communications’ decisions based on facts." 

- J. Albert Maddox, Chairman, Print Grows Trees.

Learn more about how the printing industry is making a significant contribution to the sustainability of forests and protecting woodlands from clear-cutting and conversion to environmentally irresponsible uses at the Print Grows Trees website.

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Printing: Five Reasons Print is Still Vital to Marketing
November 22nd, 2010 8:13 AM

Even with the many benefits of online marketing such as website, blogs and social media, there is still a role for print in your marketing strategy. Print, or more specifically high quality digital and offset print, offers many unique advantages over digital marketing methods.  Here are five reasons print is not only relevant, but vital to your marketing success:

  1. Print is great for branding. Nothing introduces or reinforces your brand more strongly than a brochure, identity materials and direct mail. Studies continue to show that customers and prospects prefer printed brochures and collateral materials over electronic alternatives.
  2. Print travels well. Printed materials can be stuffed, folded and packed away in places laptops and smartphones cannot.  It is easier to carry with you and easy to share with others.
  3. Print drives traffic to other sources. If you want to drive traffic to your website, print is still one of your strongest options. Print ads are a great way to publish your website or blog address.
  4. Print readers are more focused and engaged. Printed materials force a reader to focus on the piece. Its a unitasking activity - no texting, no web browsing.
  5. Print sticks around. In a world where blog posts are forgotten as soon as they are read, print lives on with a greater shelf life than electronic marketing methods.
While there is benefit to leveraging digital marketing methods, its important to remember that it takes multiple channels and methods to market to your audiences effectively. Print still plays a vital role in reaching your customers. 
Contact us to learn more about digital and offset printing and how you can measure the effectiveness of your printed marketing materials.

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